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Uncle Jury (Jax)
Soldier (Former), Criminal
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Devil's Tribe, Nevada (former), Sons of Anarchy Motorcycle Club, Nevada (current)
Devil's Tribe (Formerly), Samcro
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Jury is a member of the Sons of Anarchy Motorcycle Club, Nevada.


Jury served with John Teller in the same platoon in the Vietnam War, John apparantly saved his life in Tay Ninh.

At some point the Mayans began pressing in on the Devil's Tribe, a club allied with the Sons of Anarchy, in Indian Hills, wanting a fee for running the books and prostitution in the area, Jury contacted SAMCRO for assistance. He felt if he didn't pay the Mayans he would lose his business, and if he did pay them, he would be disrespecting the Sons. Jax discussed the possibility of using the Devil's Tribe as a safe house for their guns.

Jax later discussed this with Jury, he offered a strip club that had a large basement for it, Jax accepted.

After having a vote to patch-over, which caused several Tribe members to leave, Jury and the rest of the Devil's Tribe agreed to patch-over, becoming Indian Hills, Nevada charter, Sons of Anarchy Motorcycle club. Jury was the first to get a new cut. During the patch-over party Jury offered Cherry to Clay, who was attempting to get back at Half-Sack for a comment he made about Gemma. The next day Mayans attacked the clubhouse, Jury was hit in the arm. After the attack Jury bribed the local Sheriff. He worried about what would happen next with the Mayans, Clay calmed him down by letting him know the attack was just a warning, and that the Las Vegas charter would stick around for protection. As Jax said his good-byes he apologized to Jury for all that happened, Jury assured him it was fine.