The Real Irish Republican Army' aka Real IRA and True IRA are an Irish terrorist organization who sell illegal guns to motorcycle gangs and Russian Mafias in the United States to fund their cause.


The Real IRA have been allied with SAMBEL since the late 80s and began supplying SAMCRO with weapons in the mid-90s, through Michael McKeavy. McKeavy was murdered, however, by the Oakland Port Commissioner Brenan Hefner and Michael's cousin, Cameron Hayes, took his place. McKeavy's death was avenged when Bobby Munson, a SAMCRO member, murdered Brenan Hefner.

In Season 2, Agent June Stahl returned to Charming to try and bust the IRA and wanted SAMCRO's help. SAMCRO discovered that Cameron and his son, Edmond, have started dealing guns to the League of American Nationals instead of the MC, but Clay and Jax still refused to cooperate with Stahl. Edmond Hayes also began a sexual relationship with Polly Zobelle, the daughter of L.O.A.N.'s leader Ethan Zobelle. Cameron and Edmond reported to James O'Phelan, better known as Jimmy O. Jimmy O arrived in Charming with the purpose of repairing the relationship between the Irish and SAMCRO. However, Jimmy O has a long and dark history with Chibs Telford, having kicked Chibs out of the IRA and Ireland, scarring his face, and taking Chibs' wife for himself and raising Chibs' daughter. Jimmy O demanded that Chibs arrange a meeting between Clay and Jimmy O. Chibs initially refused but relented when Jimmy implied he might take up sexually with Chibs' daughter. This ultimately led Chibs to secretly turn to the ATF and gave information on the IRA in exchange for his family's safety and a clearing of charges against SAMCRO. The ATF used information supplied by Chibs to arrest Edmond Hayes but Chibs later had second thoughts and refused to continue cooperating with the BATFE. The BATFE continues to try to use Edmond to lure in and arrest Cameron and Jimmy O. Unfortunately, Edmond was reluctant to help and when he tried to escape from Agent Stahl, she shot him and accidentally killed him. Stahl then framed Gemma Teller for the shooting. Cameron overheard Stahl's report to the BATFE via a police scanner and in retaliation for what he believed that Gemma had done, he broke into Jax's home, stabbed Half-Sack, and kidnapped Abel.

In Seasons 3 and 4, it is also shown that the IRA also engages in Human Trafficking of babies, which they mask as Catholic houses for unwanted children. The club deals with the Irish Kings, the ruling council of the Real IRA. That group consists of Dooley, Brogan, Rourke, and Gaelan O'Shea who is more heavily present in Season 4.


  • This group is based on the real-world version of the Real IRA.